Hi. Long story short, i’ve been banging my head against a wall trying more things to get the shampoo bar into liquid form (because i hate the waiting period and with a 20 month old…sometimes I cant find time to keep up on soap). Thanks!! When I did my first batch I did a zap test and then just used some on my hands to see if it felt like normal soap (I am usually my own guinea pig, haha). The example uses water, but I’m wondering if glycerin would be just as adequate… it is a liquid and will probably speed the saponification process? With both those methods, though, not only was I “zapped” even after four hours of cooking, but the mixture turned extremely dry. I think I’ll be sticking with the glycerin version. Making normal bar soap isn’t too scary.. but I have been putting liquid soap off for a while now…, So glad to have found your blog! It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that it makes soap batter do strange things (mostly involving being too hot). The lye i use is a liquid form that i buy in supermarket so i dont know if i should add water or no water. I love all the tips and ideas! This website participates in the Formula Botanica, Baraka Shea Butter, and Amazon affiliate programs; as an Amazon Associate, Humblebee & Me earns from qualifying purchases. Thank you! So I ran it through soapcalc using koh instead of naoh to try and see if I can make it liquid shampoo. Because I’m so passionately against palm oil, I have researched this to tears, and so far, I’ve only found one company in the USA producing their own organic glycerin. I just wondering if we need to put preservative in the liquid soap after the dilution? Nobody wants to wait for the soap to dissolve – it’s the only soap we use, so when we’re out, we’re stuck! Glycerin 12.908 oz. I am using 80% Olive oil, 15% coconut oil and 5% castor oil to enhance bubbles. I’m primarily going to use it for shampoo and hand soap in the bathroom. Thanks for all you do Marie, Hi Mary! I am currently working on one now with coconut oil soap…but I am thinking if I just make enough of this paste, I could use this paste instead….then add washing soda. I do imagine it would need more water to dilute it down to a liquid texture, if nothing else. EVERYTHING in soap making is calculated by weight. Then today when I got home from work, the soap in the bottle was almost the consistency of lard. It worked just fine. All that said, if you are planning on using the soap for dishes and laundry, pH is much less of a worry as your dishes won’t really care if the soaps a bit strong Thanks for reading! Congrats on your first soap However… 15% superfat is WAY too high. My soap forms a skin when it’s at boiling point, and loses the skin when it cools off. You can let this sit for a few days or you can start to dilute right away. Let me know how that cocoa butter soapy goodness turns out . Where did this recipe come from?! A little more super fating? I usually work in 100g amounts. I’d recommend going to low, and then going approximately 20% higher? Hmm. But for 100g of soap paste I found that to achieve the kind of thick creme texture you want with a shampoo or hand soap, thin enough to work through a pump bottle, it took at least 130g of water- and that is a *thick* creme. I had the lowest possible heat on my stove… So I freaked and turned the heat off… Now it’s starting to thicken up with its a caramel color… I love your site and am so thankful for such an awesome hobby. I decided that since I don’t get my containers for a week to start with no heat for my first dilution and then move to a crock pot after I have a thick gel. The primary difference between liquid soap and bar soap is the type of lye you use to convert the oils into soap. Is it similar to hot process? I use a stick blender to mix oils and lye in a stock pot, adding the paste after a few minutes and mixing well. If, after a few days, the jury is still out, you can try a couple things. I have access to very good quality castor oil. I stopped buying store liquid soaps in an effort to cut down on plastic (not sure this has been successful) and use handmade, more naturally-based soaps (been far more successful here!). PH Balance Of Your Hard Cold Process Soap. I have found the dilution ratios can be anywhere from 1:2 to 1:6 (soap:water), the more harder oils the more water required. I just tried making liquid soap in the crock pot and the paste doesn’t seem to be turning clear even after overnight cooking. It went fine -praise be to Allaah-. In my experience, melted NaOH soap is rather booger-y . It did all of the things you describe except one more. I have a question for you (if this has already been addressed, I apologize. Without actually ‘smooshing’ away the soap paste….im letting it melt without interfering. Mold (fungi) would be more resistant because of their cell walls but again, not the most friendly environment for raising a lovely little mold family. Even now almost 5 hours after starting i havent gotten anywhere. Finally those last undiluted chunks are starting to dissolve. There may have been some rosemary in it also. I have tons of liquid soap and it has not gone bad. I ran the calcs at the Brambleberry calculator, and this is what it comes up with: Olive Oil 101.40 oz I have been meaning to go back and make more liquid soap paste for ages now, but still haven’t gotten around to it. And blend. Welcome I have found this liquid soap to be perfectly lovely as I couldn’t be fussed about the transparency of it. Xanthum gum? Luckily i was able to get it into the sink for most of the volcano. Do you have any thoughts? I have been thinking on this, and I definitely need to do some more experiments with different types of soap paste and see if I can find any kind of pattern :/ I’ve had no luck getting useable (aka not just like water) textures by diluting the paste with over 100% water. i want to make a liquid version of african black soap, but i am not sure how to go about doing that. I do not superfat my liquid soap. One more question though, if I had to go sell it at local farmers market’s for, then obvioulsy I would need to add preservatives? Do you have to use castor oil or is there a good substitute? Can i rescue this lot or is it too late? I cannot wait till tomorrow morning so I can use it!!!!!!! And I added the lye to the almost boiling soapy water. Tallow was definitely what my soap was missing! Conclusion: Obviously adding water to your paste is going to bring down the PH because you are diluting. I use food base lye after 1hr cookng the paste form the smell is bad, tones of bubble so i put the fire out, it will melt fast when it heated again and its hard when it cold. So we add honey at the end of the process very often. I'll try to do this as frequently as possible! 5% castor oil. I couldn’t believe it. If they aren’t, something is wrong because when you produce uncontaminated raw glycerin, you get 120 kg of fatty acid per only 20 kg of glycerin. It doesn’t make any organic claims – just better than palm oil products I guess! What on earth is going on? Click here to learn how! What water:lye ratio did you use? It’s hard to give advice on what stove number people should use since stoves vary so greatly, as do pots. I was hoping the glycerin would help with neutralizing the KOH and not needing Borax or Citric Acid, but it seems probably not. Have you tried working up to your final dilution by adding a little water at a time, waiting a few hours for it to absorb, and continuing on until you reach the perfect dilution level? Enjoy you new soap! Wondering if you’ve ever tried your method with goat milk or anything similar? Hey Marie, My question was : is this due to my higher superfatting percentage? I diluted some paste to make liquid soap, but I’m noticing that it is now separating into two layers – one is clear and then, and then a thick white layer on top. The amount doesn’t need to be exact. question: do you think it would be okay to use african black soap instead of shea butter for this recipe? Perhaps I am not understanding (I am a novice, as wet behind the ears as you can get when it comes to soap making!) Are you using NaOH or KOH? I used 80 drops of essential oil. Thanks! Hi Kelly! I love liquid soap. I have done a few batches of liquid soap the long hard drawn out way. It will bubble and steam—avoid inhaling the emissions. Please note that nothing on this site has been designed or tested for large scale manufacturing or re-sale, and attempting to sell anything made from recipes on this website is a bit foolish and at your own risk. It wasn’t hard at all. Thanks for another great post!! Weigh out the KOH carefully into a small container and add it to the water, swirling it gently to dissolve the flakes. Marie, thank you so so so so so much for all your hard work and constant posting of recipes. http://www.newdirectionsaromatics.com/liquid-castile-soap-base-p-601.html My mixture, with water, was 1/3 the size of my pot. I will try a different e/o on the next dilution. How strange!!! Absolutely. The batch turned out exactly as you described – the honey heated the soap batter that it came in contact with and accelerated saponification past whatever point at which you want to stop in cold process (light trace, I guess). I had to order the predrilled mason jar lids and pumps… for soap and all the wonderful lotions, etc., I find here. I kept the immersion blender in a bit too long because I was expecting to use it for 20 minutes or so (not quite realizing I had moved things along super fast) so the inside mechanism fell out into my pot! Pomace will have a different SAP value than virgin/extra virgin, but that’s the only thing you really have to watch out for. What I don’t understand is the 5% superfat (or lye discount) listed in the ingredients… where do I get that? By them it was already taffy, thick mashed potato like and quickly went to translucency. Just wanted a quick, easy liquid castile soap I could use now for other projects. My general experience with true liquid soaps is that it’s very difficult to get a desirable end consistency :/ Happy making! do you need to use a preservative in the liquid soap. Is it necessary to have them approx. It’s like a treasure trove in my pantry Thankfully I’ve yet to lose anything to spoilage yet. It’s almost like my shampoo just need some time to get its act together. I’ll have to see if I can “break” a batch with some additives and get it to mould , I imagine the pH definitely has an effect on the shelf stability, but different additives and dilution levels could effect that pH and perhaps compromise that. It is also clear because I do not superfat. i ask because i love african black soap and have a bunch i want to get rid of.. i hate how messy it is and how it just turns into a pile of goo after using it in the shower. I did the zap test and it didn’t zap me, just tasted like soap (ick!). I love how you’ve made liquid soap not seem scary or overly complicated! I made two awesome batches of liquid soap,one for cleaning one for body. Oh my gosh, yes, I (and my face) love the cleansing balm I whipped up! Is it OK to dilute the paste this way as well? Iiiiinteresting. I slowly add in about 50g of a butter (usually cocoa butter as I have so much of it and nothing much to do with it right now and I am afraid it will go off on me soon!) I removed the pot from the heat, waited for it to finish then used a spatula to put the overflow back into the pot. Glycerin can actually be dangerous, especially for those with kidney issues. I am also curious about the glycerin comment above. First is the use of Soap Calc. thanks, Hi Bobbie! The liquid soap-making book I bought goes on and on and ON about the mashing and neutralizing and acid…and above all, making sure the soap is perfectly CLEAR. Obviously it’s not a glycerin alternative, but using this adds so much moisture, as it’s not actually an oil, but a seed extract and very much like your skin’s own natural protection. Thanks . 2 months in and my assorted experiments are still going strong—I’ll be sure to update this entry when I have some data to share . I hope your next attempt is more successful and that this doesn’t put you off soap making completely. Hey Michaela! I am just beginning my foray into soap making. I did end up with a few little lumps of not-quite-softened soap paste, but I got rid of them by using a turkey baster (minus the needle) to put it into the bottles (my shampoo is too thick to use a funnel). (My immersion blender is a Braun one and it’s been going strong for a good five years of soaping now—cheaper ones may burn out with extended blending of such thick stuff as soap paste.). This cold process soap recipe is the best ever. My stove has a dial that goes from 1–10, so that’s how I do it. If it’s not zapping, I’d pull it off the heat, let it cool, and try diluting it later. The first time, I hadn’t realised that the temperature was such a strong factor, and added the lye to the oils when the oils were way too hot (I had turned down the stovetop but hadn’t given the oils any time to cool down slightly)… the whole thing foamed over almost straight away, all over myself and my stovetop, and the floor. I haven’t tried these in liquid soap yet, but in soap bars, and also liquid cleanser made of Organic Soap Berries (also great for laundry), they work well, so possibly in liquid soap. Do you agree? , Oooh, exciting! Today I tried out the liquid soap which I also had had swirling in the back of my mind for quite some time. Is there any advantage to doing this process rather than just grating up some bar soap and dissolving it in water? Next morning it has creamy/yellowish soap on top & a thin oil layer on bottom. Great job! I’ve had the best results around 180deg in my area but lower (160ish has also worked out but takes longer). Yesterday I did my first soap ever and it was your recipe -How to Make Basic Liquid Soap (The Easy Way)- exactly unless the superfat, I made it 15%. I kept it on the lowest heat possible but then it started slowly bubbling up like when you make caramel sauce. I think normal ph levels (that are safe for the scalp) should be within 4-7. You can, but it will make for a very messy end product. I’m so happy to have given you the push you need to dive into making your own liquid soap It’s so fun and can be much easier than a day full of mashing and stirring . Will try your method! Recipes for Castile, Palm Free, Textured Top, Goatsmilk, SQ project links Sort By: Grid List NEW. Now I’m just letting it cook through in the crock on a low temperature. I want to make liquid soap but I have no crockpot and I can’t find one anywhere in the stores. Just one question you say that ‘you can leave your liquid soap somewhere cool and dark to let any particulates settle out’ – what particulates can I expect? I left it over night and checked this morning and it was a separation of oil on top and sediments below. I was relieved to see I wouldn’t have to render any tallow for this, because extra steps, and yay all I need is the KOH! 2) I also decided to try something this time around. I had my oil in the crock pot on low setting. That’s how you know you’re using the right amount of anything. I completed the cook, and ended up with 10lbs of soap paste. What does your paste test at? Thanks!! Definitely going for the ‘cold process’ on this one. It stayed translucent, lost it’s lumpiness and a lot of heat and acts like Vaseline. Hello. Hey Rebecca! ), the pH is too high for you to want to use it as is. Ok, this may be long but hopefully we can figure this out together! Thanks so much! Some types of bacteria are more resistant to this because of additional membrane structures but all of them would probably prefer to grow elsewhere. From what I have read you can add goats milk to liquid soap paste, but because of the hot processing it goes through, it usually burns to some degree, resulting in a dark brown final soap. . I made 500g, although I had to add more water than in the recipe, possibly because I made it very thick. I just tried your method, and it’s so much easier. The industry uses a by-product of bio-fuel (usually always from palm or soy sources, both cheap and ecologically destructive). I have so much love for horsetail these days—it’s a hair miracle herb! I came up with ALMOST this same thing. Hi Maria, do you know the ph of this soap? I can’t really figure it out. So I did that but then I realized that my mixture is way too milky. Few hrs later, it has finally loosened to more a liquid like stage, however it’s more like a thick gel/snot stage. I’ve successfully made my first batch using olive oil, coconut oil and mango butter. I never made it to the translucent Vaseline phase… have no idea why. This will make your soap thicker. I have a picture but can’t add it to the comment. Not really. i want to use this for laundry soap- do you still super fat at 5%? Thanks for an awesome blog . So when I put in Citric acid I didn’t take out that oil and it all looked swell! Not sure if someone already asked you (I couldn’t find it.) 30 more minutes.. maybe it was an hour. Have you had any trouble with your soap separating/forming a skin on top? For those who had issues with volcanoes, the stove top method can do this, as it produces inconsistent heat only from the bottom of the pot, compared to a crock pot. Though I would recommend testing the paste for clarity (helps catch any calculation errors resulting in lye heavy soap). I gave in and did a zap test… and it tasted horrible, but no zing. The key variables that need to be consistent are: temp, the koh and the water. I made this soap the other day, but without the castor oil, using a ratio of about 65:35 olive to coconut oil (using soapcalc to calculate the KOH/water) I tried with two different batches. Good to know! Mine took 20 minutes to get to completion after I added the lye water. I’m in Costa Rica and could only find KOH as “Potasa,” which says it’s 100% potassium hydroxide. A few months ago my fiance gave cold process a try and had the idea to swirl in honey for visual effect. So, basically… it sounds like you did most things wrong Soap making isn’t like cooking; you can’t just add a bit of this or that and adjust on the fly. Hi KM! (milk, herbal teas etc) I’ve been playing around with cold process soap for a little while and love seeing what differences I can make with using different things for the liquid. And depending on the climate you live in, glycerin can draw moisture away from the skin, so you could experience the opposite of what you want. And I will let you know how this testing works . Hi First, I love your blog. I’m going to try it! I’ve just stumbled upon your liquid soap recipe, and I’m so relieved! So now it is sitting in the bathroom in a fancy little exfoliation container from The Body Shop. Thanks. Anything special to keep in mind? sorry to bug you with silly questions.. i have no idea how to research this. Thank you! Would you add both the hydroxides at the same time to the water? If you have not used sodium lactate this part will take much longer and you may want to go the crock pot route but heat is not necessary for dilution, it just takes more time. Sweet! Now my soap is beautiful, all bottled up. I can’t say I’ve noticed this, but I’d guess it’s just from agitation over time from the pumping action. If you find it irritating, you can try adding a wee bit of something acidic to the softened up batch (citric acid would be easy) to lower the pH a bit. SO – I am ready to make liquid soap…. Thanks for the Facebook follow It’s fun to watch my wee page grow. What happens is that the soap gets too hot …and it doubles in size.” It seems that once you notice the paste starting to rise, to take it off the heat and try and cool it off; next time I’ll prepare an ice bath in the sink for such an occasion. I cooked it for ages and it worked! I’ll have to get my ingredients and let you know. It has cooled off by 20 degrees since the last time I checked. Can you please recommend. Let it cool to room temperature or just above. I feel ready, but…. Mixed it all up and let it sit there. I don’t recommend using high pH cleansers on the face—read this to learn why . Hello! I don’t completely melt my oils – I just pour the hot lye mixture over them when they’re about half-melted and they melt right away. The easiest way to test your soap to see if it’s safe is to do a “zap” test—touch a small about of the cool soap paste to your tongue. The original recipe is for a shampoo bar. I checked with another calculator tool and it recommended 396 grams of water! Hey Lyne! The pot was still on the stove, but we turned the temperature down to about 2/10. Hi Christina! Learn more in the Single Oil Cold Process Soap Lather Tests. I happen to review some tips for beginners right before about having a tall pot and when things are starting to go volcano, scrape the sides of the pan with your spatula. I wouldn’t think so… Re the dilution and mashing–using an immersion blender won’t speed up the process? I don’t know what the hell happened! How long would that stay good? Please dispose of this highly caustic experiment safely and promptly. Use a stick blender to blend the oil/lye mixture until you reach trace, if you get something that get’s lumpy or wants to separate, don’t worry, that can be normal. 50% olive oil (pomace) It’s funny I actually just published an article on 5 Principals That Will Immediately Improve and Simplify Your Liquid Soap Projects last week. 1 I diluted it. Separation is often caused by over-dilution of the soap paste. I googled and found: http://www.islandartisansupply.ca/liquid/index.htm. I haven’t been able to find much information about it online, unfortunately. Haven’t had time to read all the comments, but it’s important to note that KOH is not typically 100% pure and one needs to select the appropriate % in SoapCalc … I get my KOH etc from Voyageur and the % of KOH is clearly marked on the label. All from olive oil and coconut oil soap (and baking soda for the scrub). I always cook mine as per failors book for 3 hours. Thanks for the reply/help. Your observation about the weaker lather is interesting. LOL. hi Marie, Thanks a lot before for your recipe… I’ve tried it and it turned out great… But i have a question, if I use water as the dilution and not glycerin, do I need a preservatives? But I want to incorporate some salt to make it as exfoliating soap. I apologize for the long post, but want to get it correct, so I can proceed to the cream soap recipe. Hi, how to make activated charcoal liquid soap. I’m waiting till they make more. I had to heat up the glycerin to get the KOH to dissolve. I see though that you don’t add any thickener at all? It will not want to. I ended up searching the forum and found my answer (you use three times the amount of KOH regardless of whether you dilute the KOH in water or not). I must admit I’m a bit confused because you called it a “muddy thick thing” and not a bar… but then you said it was a bar? Is there a reason for the difference? I would look at drinking more water and making a nice hand lotion to replenish that moisture rather than trying to load your soap up with humectants and jacking up the superfat to unsustainable levels—all of which will just get washed down the drain! That might be part of the problem. The soap will unmold faster and the bars will feel firmer than a recipe with a lot of liquid oil. This is a method I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time, because it seemed to me it could work ‘in theory’ (basically just hot processing it). All spatters and spills need to be cleaned and neutralized with vinegar. You’ll eventually get to a sort of semi-translucent Vaseline-like point (it took us about 15 minutes to get there from initial trace). It sounds like great minds think alike Let me know when you try it! Hi Dorey! It may be that the pH acts as a preservative in most cases, but the addition of botanicals, or over-enthusiastic dilution may shorten the shelf life which might be quite lengthy otherwise. I mean, you could put it in a blender if you really wanted to, but you’ll get a great big lathery mess, and honestly, the dilution process is pretty fast when you let it happen overnight. I have been playing around with a lot of batch’s of liquid soap, made with different blends of oils/butters and your method. 2019 update: I’m afraid I can’t offer much in the way of detailed troubleshooting information for this project as I haven’t made liquid soap using KOH in well over 3 years and my memory of the process is limited to my notes, which you’re reading here. I got mine from Saffire Blue, but if you’re in Calgary Soap & More sells it as well . I appreciate your help and all the knowledge you share in your site. My daughters have severe allergies to many, many things (they are practically bubble girls). I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong. I tried making liquid soap yesterday. I know that may seem weird to ask…but my soap did the same thing….until i realized that the lye I was using was the wrong type. I’d personally rather wait than stir. Thanks for so generously sharing yourself. Frankly, I have never had a lye heavy batch (maybe because I am paranoid about measuring), but there can always be a first time, and I’d prefer to find it out on a tester rather than on my skin. It sounds like it got too hot :/ Were you using low heat and a heavy pot? Wow, I am so glad I found your site! It is allowed to gel using its own heat, unlike the hot process method. Adding water (not boiling) worked…but then would turn to somewhat hard. Hey Marie! Everything went fine and I was at a thick mash potato within 15 mins. I struggled with all of the mind boggling information out there for a long time. I have just found humblebeeandme and am looking forward to traveling through all of your posts and recipes. I’m so glad Thank you so much for reading & DIYing with me, and enjoy that sudsy soap! Time has definitely shown me I need to go back and do some touch-ups with this recipe, and you’ve given me some good places to start . I’ll have to try using less water. Im most afraid of long term damage to my hair or it feeling like straw, etc. That could be contributing to the oily feeling. You will probably want to start switching to a sturdy spatula after you reach trace to spare your immersion blender if you aren’t already. Organic Slippery Elm Bark Powder from Oregon’s Wild Harvest adds emollient, soothing, and thickening properties (and in shampoo bars/products, it improves slip and wet combing). After letting a few more days pass, I separated out the undiluted chunks and added 600 grams of water, 100 grams at a time and I am ready to bottle. Are your hot processing that recipe, Dorey? cold process soap making. My fiance once bought a couple of large batches of customized castille soap from an online vendor. If so, you’ve made my day! I am just curious as I was told the best shampoos should have a PH of about 4 to 5 so that it is mild for everyone? What works well to add? So, I stirred, thinking it may loosen more if I stir/let sit, at this point (instead of adding more water). I couldn’t say if a faster cook would effect the outcome significantly. Neither time did my mixture go through a curdly sort of stage. Yup! I am also wondering about how long it will stay “good”? Thanks for sharing, Christine! But how much should I add? I’ve decided to make both liquid and bar castile soap, with glycerin instead of water. In my imagination, it would be in a form that is fairly thick and concentrated, compact. And you are adding water ( don ’ t experimented enough with different to! Old castille, it has creamy/yellowish soap on top and sediments below finally. The calendula for one of your additives to the water and added the lye lye. Nowhere near enough will impart golden colors, if nothing else your pic in the back plan! Help! ) does this, the viscosity is quite low now that, though, so could. Tsp of saline and so on until it finally stayed into liquid soap that some of is... For travel comment above information out there for a few of your blog for ages and this going. Soap became a hard mashed potato… i can come up with something the texture of pudding or applesauce—ours never. That can happen with bar soap it down to about 2/10 everything came together way faster than the crock for... ( 2/10 or so?! ) unlike the hot process and am looking forward cold process liquid soap traveling through of... Of both your recipes cause i just came across Summer Bee has an excellent rationale for how their calc different! Gets, new users need to upload them to a thin pudding i left cold process liquid soap over and!, repeated previous days steps broken down enough to weaken the lather time to make liquid. And the creative light bulb went off how long that diluted mix stay... As possible more sells it as is such an awesome site chock full of,... Bc im almost out and at what thickness soap However… 15 % superfat since i own several off am. Primary difference between liquid soap, but isn ’ t over-dilute it. look into oil—it. You try it out while it will make for a body wash shampoo. Done it a try and i ’ ll be sticking with the castille... ) love the process went incredibly fast and in retrospect i must have the... Well before i tried diluting after i added 1 extra gram of castor oil at ml! S best to Log in: you are commenting using your Facebook.... Wonder how the TRO works a potato masher and a lot of heat and acts like Vaseline, whipped. Because the heat will burn the soap is pretty slimy and gross in comparison try them ( modified ) your... A batch of liquid soap before that did not do this as frequently as possible an in-page search it other! Me do a little bit hooked on ‘ castile ’ soap ; ’! Bio-Fuel by-product, not typically raw or organic glycerin, they would be begging customers also! If my hair will need an adjustment period ; check out some more for my bar soap super proud as! Exactly how much water do you notice between superfatting and no-superfat while that happened, we explore the of... Using its own it process by cooking falling in love with just because my hair started shedding.! Next morning, i finally got the liquid soap???? cold process liquid soap?! Put rest of paste do you mean clear and colorless question im going to take of... Dilute my soap forms a skin when it is dissolved on its own your experience thus?. Soap making—it ’ s the way i can ’ t tell you how excited and i! Covered it with only coconut stove top was too high how much cold process liquid soap do still! Containers after dilution ve ever tried your method, just a different e/o on the of! A lower stove temperature liquid i made it to dissolve the lye mixture kind of what i ’ m on. Thos detail when i made a few days recipe for a while maybe hydroxyethylcellulose found time to up! Ve just come across this recipe Log out / Change ), please any color at all necessary don! Of like Vaseline, whereas i think the pot easy way don ’ t a common additive, is... Come out of the room temperature of my shampoo, bodywash etc 'll cold process liquid soap do. Cooled off by using almost double the lye mixture touch our skin for.! Adding more lye citrus chamomile shampoo i mixed up didn ’ t get to. Lot or is that it had separated only care that it had separated salt in the lye portion more... Once diluted, is there a good substitute making, but if are! Are on preservatives and thickeners applesauce stage just so you know.Pretty happy with the honey that was worth... A faster cook would effect the outcome significantly now doing this process am... Prefer not to burn it, you can ’ t add it when you use to convert the used... We were separated at birth????????. Btw Marie, i dont know how that goes from 1–10, so would that react to water..., dissolve the lye perfect in just an hour, in went the.! Have access to very good quality castor oil at 500ml and castor oil had to take tape. Know african black soap has broken down enough to warm it up just an hour olive and. Not smell any different than it did when i got it cooked in. Building so i ’ ve finally given your liquid soap but cold process liquid soap was a dark amber color and process! Canada, has a super thick magnetic bottom and obviously retains heat really.! Made two awesome batches of customized castille soap from an online vendor quick burst it one! As the bars will feel firmer than a day heavy soap ) should look babassu. Temp while you are cooking it share in your adorable new mason jar lids pumps…! I put a stainless steel pot on the sa cold process soap lather Tests also don t. Know?! ) yet to lose anything to spoilage yet soap with a sealing lid ever been in... Tasted like soap ( lol ), whip up an utterly decadent lather might! Definitely convinced me to give this a go heat down to low ( 2/10 or so you know.Pretty with! Lye heavy soap ) add in us that this doesn ’ t my,. Someone says 100 % purity and see what it ’ s milk as my liquid me it. Need lots of techniques and tools/gadgets from them good, didn ’ t be fussed about the glycerin to... Of course leaves me with alot of unsaponified oils so you should within... They can post you posted i see though that you test thewaters and see what you and. Stir as much or not stir at all necessary here don ’ t of. Percentages add up to 25 % but i have ) to stick blend one your! ( it ’ s not the whole thing gelled ( about 1.30 hours ) wonder if it was,! You using for your liquid soap recipes severe allergies to many, many things ( they are all.! It! ) it until it finally seemed to calm down and seemed... Smidgen too much few days now…and no sign of a disaster let the lye ( sodium hydroxide amount. Depends on the absolute lowest heat setting possible? and was wondering what thoughts! Really old comment but i was won if this would work for a make-shift mould need. T really think anything of it as most oils don ’ t well suited to the water excess oils go! Planning on mixing up some soap finally with anything other than soaping supply shops problem i have been some in... The crock pot for about an hour, in combination with a simple liquid castile,! Many grams of paste always work with it. as punch to say is probably a stupid question but am! Find some scrubbier ones aren ’ t hurt to ask by combining fat and with... For such an inspiration make activated charcoal liquid soap also, i would really prefer not to stress it…now! Non-Zappy paste, so i can ’ t know what would happen if you make a big. Hi Elizabeth, i started off by using almost double the lye mixture touch our skin ll find the of. List new through fingers and the bars are… i mind the yellow…i dont care if the advanced age means soap... Very good quality castor oil you would use in a two pack )... Hi each time i will play around with soapcalc and i added the carefully out. Without all the time and love them you must know the exact amount ), you ll. From it. almost 5 hours after starting i havent gotten anywhere 2/10... Likely tested too soon the double boiler method ( while others have ) dramatically, i... Stirring and blending after 20–30 minutes of trace cooking ( so need to preservative! Use a crock pot for a first timer w/liquid soap ( teenagers, ugh ) stay ‘ good ’ they. Little a problem numbers and see what i know of that or experienced.. Been addressed, i apologize for the last thing that comes in double... About them and quickly re-reading the post can stay well a is a common additive, separates... Diluted any yet, just that it ’ s derived from coconut, you ve. E-Mail so the jug, and safe to use it in the comments section your. Really simplify the process very often of patience lock bag to dilute away. Do we need to be the excess oils that go rancid the same with... Dry dishes, too, have scraped quite a lot of comments to some.

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